Handset HA10/HA11

  • solid plastic housing with (HA10) or without thumb holder (HA11)

    with climate stable capsules

  • 1 push-to-talk button "PTT" (TF)
  • 1 push-to-talk button "PTT" (TF) and cradle loudspeaker (LS)
  • 1 push-to-talk button "PTT" (TF) and volume control (P)
  • 1 push-to-talk button "PTT" (TF), volume control (P)

    and cradle loudspeaker (LS)

  • reed-change-over switch in cradle e.g. on/off-function
    for loudspeaker, magnet in handset
  • cradle A10 with handset locking in the cradle,manual release via buttons or automatic release (ZR)
  • dyn. microphone 200 Ohm (omnidirectional)
  • earphone 300 Ohm/max. 0.03 watts
  • 0.28 m* PUR spiral cable 6-wired, 2 wires shielded
  • internal connections pluggable, external connections via screwable
  • l