Transcom Netherlands Price List 2024 : (Valid until 31 December 2024)            
It takes effect immediately, and is valid until further notice.

All previous price lists will expire on 29 February 2024.

- Domestic shipping costs at least Eur. 12.50
- Shipping costs abroad at least Eur. 18.50
- Small order surcharge incl. shipping is Eur. 18.50 for orders under Eur. 50.00 excl. VAT.

Orders placed before 13:00 are usually shipped the same day.

Repairs and returns:

If you wish to submit a device for repair please
to attach as detailed a description of the complaint as possible.

- No quotation will be given for repairs under Eur. 75.00.
- Investigation costs will be charged in case of non-repair.
- Ditto if no detailed complaint description is attached.

Returns without prior notification will be not accepted!

Terms and conditions:

On all our agreements, our general terms and conditions of delivery and payment
as filed with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Tilburg apply.