Transcom Nederland b.v. is a specialist company in the field of radio telecommunications, and has been supplying mainly specialist retailers and wholesale users in the Benelux countries for almost 40 years.

Transcom Nederland b.v. exclusively represents FunkTronic GmbH in the Benelux for FunkTronic control equipment. These products are extremely suitable for operating large and small closed mobile phone systems. In combination with your existing transmitters/receivers, very advanced operating systems can be created.

Transcom Nederland b.v. has also been the Dutch importer for Peiker Acustic since 2006, and as of 1 January 2008 we are the exclusive sole representative for the Benelux.

Transcom Nederland b.v. is also the importer for Breidenbach Brechkupplungen and Nexus Connectors.

The Transcom Nederland b.v. product range includes the following products/services:

- FunkTronic control units (consoles, pupitres)
- FunkTronic line control equipment
- FunkTronic telephone couplers
- FunkTronic repeaters
- Closed nets
- Base stations
- Portophones
- Software
- Repairs
- Consultancy
- Spiral cables
- Transmitters/receivers
- Accessories
- Breidenbach crushing plugs
- Nexus plugs and connectors
- Peiker microphones and speakers

Transcom Netherlands b.v. advises, designs and supplies tailor-made communication systems that bring added value to PMR networks.